About Us

Scott Kuban, President

Born in East Tennessee, Scott Kuban studied “Business & Computers” at the University of Tennessee. He has amassed a wide breadth of experience working for two Fortune 100 companies, several tech start-ups, the Federal Government, and serving on the board of a non-profit foundation.

As a small business owner himself, he understands the needs of his clients. Scott enjoys meeting with other business owners to discuss how the ever changing world of technology can help them reach their business goals or present new opportunities.

An accomplished programmer and published author, Scott is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M.

Fun Career Highlights:

  • Worked on an HGTV commercial for Fortune 100 company
  • Cited as the youngest Course Builderâ„¢ programmer at age 13
  • Licensed by the State of Tennessee as general contractor
  • Solved the bandwidth limitation problem for a web plugin company at age 17
  • Set Walgreen’s passport sales record with the entire crew for an international Cher tour
  • Selected to the advisory board of favorite charity

ConvergX, The Company

Since it’s inception, ConvergX has created a variety of solutions for its wide range of clients including:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Book & eBook Publishing & Promoting
  • Business Plan Review
  • Managed Web Services
  • Social Marketing
  • Mobile Sites & Apps