Software Projects

- Under Construction -

CityVol™ is a web platform that seamlessly integrates local events and volunteer opportunities.  Recent studies have show that many people would be more involved if they could find volunteering opportunities that matched their interests as well as give more if they better understood the impact of their charitable giving.  Countless other sites have proven that the market doesn’t respond to solely volunteer sites. In 2010 after two years of research and development, CityVol™ successfully merged the traffic generating events with inspirational volunteerism needed to grow both in local markets.

Simple1 has simplified the web experience. In 2004, our development team set out to create a powerful, flexible and above all easy to use web site creation tool.  Our team forked the open source project WordPress, focusing primarily on an improved user experience but also adding features and increasing stability. Since then, eQuillPress™ has undergone several significant revisions making it even more powerful and easier to use. Now not only can you create a web site easily, (without the need to learn javascript, HTML, databases, etc) but your site will also look good and offer many powerful features (not available in the point-and-click template tools commonly available).